Thursday, March 15, 2012


I am an Ubuntu user from 6.06 release. Now I am using Ubuntu in my laptop (x64) and lab desktop (x86). After a fresh installation of Ubuntu 11.10 the major things I did was.

1. Setting up Local repositories:
     IIT Kharagpur has local repositories of ubuntu. I replaced my /etc/apt/sources.list with a custom one containing the local repository information.

2. Adding other repositories manually to the sources. list

3. Update the repository information by running

4. Install the ubuntu restricted extras. This allows me to play popular file formats like mp3, avi, Flash videos etc in Ubuntu

5. The next important thing I did was enabling Full DVD Playback by installing libdvdcss2 available in Medibuntu repository

6. The proprietary drivers needed were installed using Additional Drivers. My system needed the installation of Broadcom Wireless Driver till 11.04 release. But from 11.10 it was installed by default.

7. I installed synaptic package manager to make the installation process easier. Synaptic package manager was installed by default in all previous releases but in Ubuntu 11.10 it is missing. I dont like to use the Ubuntu Software Center available as alternate as it lacks many functionalities and is very slow.

8. From the synaptic package manager I installed all codecs for playback. This was done by selecting almost all packages in repositories starting with gstreamer. Additionally I selected vlc from synaptic. Other important packages I installed are cabextract, unzip, p7zip-full, p7zip-rar, etc for managing different archive formats.
I installed other packages like audacity (music editor), screenlets (for sidebar), wallch (automatic wallpaper changer), linuxdcpp (DC++ client), etc.

9. Most chat clients wont work in Ubuntu 11.10 due to proxy issues. To solve these issues ubuntu needs to update libproxy version from 0.3 to 0.4 which is not yet available. So I use vidalia (with tor and polipo ) for setting up a socket connection. I have explained how to setup vidalia-tor connection in Ubuntu in another post. Click here for reading more


  1. The local repository address is not valid. It is not working now.

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