Tuesday, March 27, 2012


Microsoft Office is my favourite office application. The default LibreOffice in Ubuntu 11.10 lacks a lot of Features in MS Office. To install microsoft office in Ubuntu 11.10 I followed the following steps. I first installed on 32 bit Ubuntu and later on 64 bit machine. The steps are little different for the different architecture.

Note:  Click here for Installation of Microsoft Office 2010 in Ubuntu 12.10/13.04/13.10
Note:  Click here for Installation of Microsoft Office 2007 in Ubuntu 12.04/12.10

1. First step was to install wine1.3, winetricks, wine1.3-gecko. If winbind is not installed install it also.


2. Secondly install Microsoft Core fonts

 If you have any problem with the installation then download the offline installer and do the setup as follows:
3. This step is only for 64 bit users only. Run the following in a terminal:

[Warning:  rm -rf ~/.wine will remove the all programs and configuration under wine. If you have something important in that directory please backup before running the following commands.]  

4. Run winetricks in terminal and following screen appears. Select Install a Windows DLL or Component and Press Ok.
 In the next window tick the following packages
 a) dotnet20
This step may fail while installing dotnet20. It will return an error: dotnet20 requires Microsoft Installer 3.0. In that case download Microsoft Installer 3http://www.microsoft.com/downloads/details.aspx?familyid=889482FC-5F56-4A38-B838-DE"776FD4138C&displaylang=en and install it. Use the command "wine  path to installer"
Use the following commands and clean wine directory 

[Warning:  rm -rf ~/.wine will remove the all programs and configuration under wine. If you have something important in that directory please backup before running the following commands.] 

Now reconfigure wine with following command followed by winecfg. Select windows version as Windows XP.

Again run winetricks and select above packages and install.

MSXML 3 installation may also fail. In that case you have to download msxml3.msi
and copy to  /home/user/.cache/winetricks/msxml3. Run winetricks again and install the above said packages.

4. Copy machine.config from mono installation to DOTNET

If this step is not done Microsoft Office Installation fails with following error:

fixme:rpc:handle_bind_error unexpected status value 1765
err:rpc:RpcAssoc_BindConnection rejected bind for reason

5. Copy the Windows installation to home directory. Extract the ISO image. Now in terminal run the installer by using "wine  path to installer". Select Office 2007 Enterprise. Enter your Microsoft Product Key in next Screen. Accept the EULA.

 Now select the Customize option in Next Screen.

From the dropdown Menu at the Left side of Microsoft Office Select " Run all from my Computer"

Click Install Now. Wait for the installation to complete.
Press Close. If office installation fails delete the wineprefix and start from scratches.
To run the Installed office go to Dash and type Microsoft Office.

During First run select I dont want to use Microsoft Update

Now I am able to run Microsoft Office 2007 in Ubuntu 10.10.
Update :
 I installed SP2 after this as it has the option to save as PDF also. The installation is simple. Just type " wine path to installer" in terminal (wine office2007sp2-kb953195-fullfile-en-us.exe).

Now I am able to run to Microsoft Office 2007 Service Pack 2 without any problem.


  1. Awesome man.. Keep the spirit up.. This is the first blog I am seeing with solutions to all common problems during Installation. You did a lot of research to publish this

    1. Thanks dude... All these errors were encountered by me while installing.

    2. I have it working since 10.04.. Check out wine 1.4, Office 2010 works perfect!!

    3. @Prabjot: Will surely try that. I read many places that there are many regressions with Office 2010 running in wine. So didnt try it, will try it after Presenation and Thesis submission.

  2. Hi Nithin, do you work for Amadeus? I think I know you